Wednesday, 11 April 2012

OOTD... Damn you British temperamental weather!

I'm going through tough times I am....
Trying to decide what to wear everyday is becoming tricky...
I wish the weather would just decided on what it wants to be like and STICK TO IT...
One minute it's rainy, one minute it's freezing and showery then the next the suns out and it feels like summer!!
Then there's me dressed in winter clothes whilst everyone's in shorts and tshirts!
It was my birthday last week and its been pretty hectic... Been hittin the capitals I have! First Cardiff then London! That means one thing... Lots of shopping... Seeing my collection of bags from topshop just makes me feel so guilty but hey Ho! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE...
This is what I wore today....
And guess what? Everything's from topshop from head to toe!!
MAN! I am sad.....

Blazer - £40
Jumper - £26
Necklace - £15
Leigh jeans - £38
Peep toe pumps - £35
Handbag - £36

Hope you all had a nice easter! :)



  1. Nice outfit, love the bag :)