Friday, 30 September 2011

All things bright and beautiful...

YES! I finally have an iPhone (main reason I wanted it was because you can buy loadsa cool cases for them) but look at these babies! Got them from eBay for dirt cheap, about a pound each or so.... I . LOVE . THEM! looking at them just makes me happy (as sad as it sounds).

The sun is shining, I'm in a goodish mood and I've finally got creams and pills for my eczema... YIPPEE! LIFE . IS . GOOOOOD! :)



Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Just a quick update of my life..

Last friday night was my first night as a single lady... Was a bit weird, not gonna lie, but my friends managed to cheer me up as always.. hey ho, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
Fi's dress (left) - Topshop
Emma's (middle) - Miss Selfridge


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Feeling dead ill today... I feel like someones smacked me round the head with a pan then spun me round 1364 times then shoved some crap up my nose...
yeah... NOT NICE :( On a nicer note, had another driving lesson today, fun times... specially when you're ill and the roads are spinning :D OH THE THRILLS...
Jumper - Daddy's from I dont know when
Long socks - H&M
Clock necklace - Topshop


Sunday, 11 September 2011

We'll get there when we get there baby...

Here's a little rant about my life at the moment... just to clear my mind before I go to bed..

I've only just decided what I want to do at uni, even if my parents aren't happy about my decision... them being asian, means they want me to become a doctor, or a dentist, or a lawyer, but I know myself and I know that's not me...I think that everyone should be who they aspire to be...

The thought of uni in a year is quite daunting, I know a year seems aaages but if you think about it, it's not actually that long I mean, the 9/11 twin towers thing was 10 years ago today and I remember that so clearly... back to my point, I'm worried about moving away from home, leaving everyone including my boyfriend... we've kinda been a bit up and down recently because of the whole 'uni thing' even though its a year away but we're just about still together dealing with the fact that we're probably going to break up in a years time it's horrible just to know it's coming.... I've heard most people do break up when going to uni if that's true?

eurghhh rant over.. I'm going to bed.... not in the moooooooood... but but but! DRIVING LESSON TOMORROW :) :) :)


OOTD #6... MOJO ..

So yesterday, I was in Cardiff, yet again, its become the usual weekly thing driving three hours down some roads to Wales... 
Today I'm featuring a friend Mojo in my OOTD...
aint she cute? :) 

Costco's Carpark... BOOYA..
The little poser.....

Someone buy me these boots? please....? :') 

Yeah.. ermm this is my house... I just like to keep my labels on everything...

My OOTD... briefly...

Mojo's outfit:
Jumper - Topshop
Leggings - Primark
Handbag - Topshop
Wedged boots - Topshop
Sunglasses - Topshop
Watch -Urban outfitters
She likes her Topshop doesn't she?!? jeez.. :D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

combined OOTD #5

Yesterday, me and my sister were stranded in Birmingham new street train station...
BAD TIMES... :( 
We went to Worcester, and on the way home we had to wait for two changes..
BUT the freakin' train from this 'Droitwich Spa' was delayed, so we missed the last train back to Derby :/
SOOO... I decided to do an 'OOTD' whilst we waited for god knows how long...
My really sad face... :(
Please excuse my pose, I was bored o'right?!?
Meet my fool of a sister pretending to play my ukulele in the middle of the train station..

My sister's bag... which I shall soon steal hopefully...
My outfit:
Dress - 'Love' @ Topshop
Mac - Topshop
Shoes - Guess
Belt - Cow vintage

My sister's outfit:
Dress - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Alexander Wang Rocco bag (lookalike) - Ebay
Cardigan (cos it was so cold) - Forever 21

Sunday, 4 September 2011

OOTD #4... my batman cape....

Excuse my messy room... :)
Capey shirt - Topshop
Grey ribbed wooly tights - Forever 21
Wedges - New Look
Bag - Vintage
Scarf in my hair - Vintage 
Pearl chain necklace - Forever 21

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, its back to sixth form I go.... :( OOTD #3

Was up bright and early at 7am this morning.... EFFORT... :( 
I found it so so so hard.. well not surprised, my average time for waking up this summer was about one in the afternoon... lazy, yeah I know....
Had 10 minutes to get ready and changed this morning, damn snooze button shouldn't exist!!!
This picture doesn't justify how cute this mac is in real life.... I'll get a better pic next time... :')
Trampy face and hair.... oh yes please....
Not really regulation? tsk tsk tsk.... I don't care, I like em! :) 
Silk top - Zara (actually my sister's) :)
Skirted mac - Topshop
Shoes - New look

Now I've caught a classic case of love whiplash, you push me off and then you pull me back

Beautifully cute song... I love it!
This girlys from youtube, she's not quite very famous yet,
but give it a listen and tell me what you think...? :)

My favourite hair products at the mo...

One of my worst fears is FLAT HAIR.....
er... no thanks... I've stopped using heat in my hair now that I have a wavy perm, because I don't want it to be all dry and straggly, so it means I don't blowdry my roots anymore but fear not...
I LOVE these 3 products.... first one is Osis 'dust it' by shwarzkopf which is really good for adding texture and volume to your hair. I totally recommend it if you like the 'poofy hair look'. This one was quite expensive, like £10 or something but it lasts aaages and its great. It's like.. this powder, and you lift your hair up and sprinkle it in your roots... feels kinda cold and strange but I LIKE IT :) Loads of other brands have released this kind of thing for much cheaper.... I recommend you pick one up deffos!!!

Second product is DRY SHAMPOO..... this stuff is my saviour!!!! Its great for when you wake up late and can't be arsed to wash your hair but also I put it in freshly washed hair because as trampy as it sounds... I HATE FRESHLY WASHED HAIR....its too.... flat and swishy and just all over my face... eurgh the thought of it makes me cringe... :D Anyway I find the dry shampoo really gives me volume and a bit of a matt texture... just be careful you don't have white patches when you spray it :D :D

Lastly, I love this comb.... ahhh ... I use it to backcomb my hair.. you may think its just an ordinary comb but no.... this ones special.. its got extra teeths on the teeths to create more texture in your hair so you can shape it easily. I usually backcomb my roots all over my head to give me extra volume...

My daily hair routine? I dry shampoo it even if its not greasy, then I sprinkle some magic powder in it then backcomb my roots... BOOM ....BIG HAIR...

What are your fav hair products? Lemme know in a comment below and if you've got any recommendations... stick it down there :)


What's in my bag? Oh? You don't wanna know? Ok cool, well I'll tell you anyway :)

As you can seee... my bags full of shit... but it all comes in handy sometimes...
Not really very intersting but I always love to know whats in peoples' bags because well... I'm nosey like that :)

This is what junk I have in my trunk...
  • My Raybans
  • Dry shampoo
  • Kleenex tissues
  • MAC eyelash curlers
  • False eyelash case
  • L'oreal chrome intensity eyeshadows in 'Mania' & 'Brown lame'
  • Clinique lipstick in 'Toasted rose'
  • Topshop eyeshadow palette in 'greyscale' (dont know why I have 2 eyeshadows)
  • L'oreal telescopic mascara
  • No7 eyeliner
  • Carmex (must must must have at ALL TIMES)
  • Teasing comb (aka comb with more bristles)
  • Osis 'dust it' by shwarzkopf
  • My piepod in its amazing cassette case
  • Gucci Guilty
  • Lollipop purse
  • And last but not least my brackbarryOh, I forgot, some Maryland cookies for when I get the munchies on the go :')
SO THERE YOU GO... not thaaat interesting but my bags like a frigging Mary Poppin's bag, it fits everything you ever need in it. :)