Sunday, 11 September 2011

We'll get there when we get there baby...

Here's a little rant about my life at the moment... just to clear my mind before I go to bed..

I've only just decided what I want to do at uni, even if my parents aren't happy about my decision... them being asian, means they want me to become a doctor, or a dentist, or a lawyer, but I know myself and I know that's not me...I think that everyone should be who they aspire to be...

The thought of uni in a year is quite daunting, I know a year seems aaages but if you think about it, it's not actually that long I mean, the 9/11 twin towers thing was 10 years ago today and I remember that so clearly... back to my point, I'm worried about moving away from home, leaving everyone including my boyfriend... we've kinda been a bit up and down recently because of the whole 'uni thing' even though its a year away but we're just about still together dealing with the fact that we're probably going to break up in a years time it's horrible just to know it's coming.... I've heard most people do break up when going to uni if that's true?

eurghhh rant over.. I'm going to bed.... not in the moooooooood... but but but! DRIVING LESSON TOMORROW :) :) :)



  1. Sorry to hear about that with Uni, but I was exactly the same as everyone used to say I was clever and I should do the academic route in uni but I'm currently doing a media and comms course which people like to frown upon so I know how you feel because I have had that from friends.

    The boyfriend situation sucks, I have a lot of friends who currently have boyfriends and girlfriends and are still together even with the distance, for me it's ok because I live at home, but a lot of times it's based on whether you both make the effort and allow the distance to work :)

    With the BB's creams on my post the £7.99 is an introductory price :) xx

  2. I think you should just follow your heart and do what you want to do - university is such hard work, and you'll never get through it sane unless you do what you want to do. Please try not to let anyone pressure you or allow people to 'look down' on your choice - it's your life after all :)

    With regards to your boyfriend, just take each day as it comes. If you love each other and you're still together if/when you move away, only you two can decide if your relationship is worth maintaing.
    It's such a hard time, I know <3

    xo Samantha Grace

  3. Aww, really hope everything works out soon! I'm so confused about uni too at the moment :/

  4. I agree with Charlee and Samantha, don't feel pressured into doing a course you don't want to as you'll resent them for making you, and if you're not interested you won't put in the effort.
    Regards to the boyfriend, I guess it depends on how close your uni's are to each other and wether the relationship can withstand the physical distance. For now though just enjoy each other, and when it happens just take it day by day I guess x

  5. It must be difficult going against what your parents what, but I agree that you should follow your heart, you being happy is the most important thing! And definitely make the most of the next year with your boyfriend, you never know the long distance thing may work :) xx

  6. my boyfriend and I have managed to stay together despite a year where I was at uni and he was at home AND the year I spent in France; ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! and i totally get he whole asian thing (half filipino, holla) i went from wanting to do medicine to not having a clue which is a LOT worse than going from wanting to do medicine to wanting to do something else! but now I have a plan and have proved I can fend for myself away from home and pass my exams and it's all kinda falling into place and the support has too :) hope this makes you feel better! x