Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's autumn already?!? really? serious? OOTD #2

DAMN has summer gone by quickly?!?
It's seriously cold but NO FEAR.... I love my winter coats :')
This is what I wore today to take my brother off to the airport... ah I do miss him already ..
Rain, rain go away? yeah? no?
Bought these leopard print shoes from Topshop in Cardiff.. was in the sale... cos nobawdy's daring enough to wear these mother dodgers... went from £30 down to £10... student discount...£9.. BARGAIN.
Anorak - Urban Outfitters
Sheer shirt - Cow vintage
Shorts - Zara
Belt - Vintage
Handbag - Tkmaxx
Leopard print brogues - Topshop
Peace necklace -Topshop 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Summer... I'll miss you

Is it just me or does summer just fly by?
Everyone seems to big it up and look forward to it sooo much but then when it comes you're like...
"oh, what now?" anyway i'm gonna miss it, i'm gonna miss going out without a coat or a cardigan,
and most of all, i'm gonna miss laughing at everyones really bad fake tan..

Can we fix it?....YES WE CAN..

For the past two days i've been tramping it up and been helping with building ikea furniture in a house we just got in Cardiff. Who ever thought IKEA furniture can be so stressful!??!
SOO DUSTY... phwoarr...
yeah... I know what i'm going with these tools...
trust me... I'm a professional....

Friday, 26 August 2011

My first outfit of the day... #1

So today the weathers been a bit temperamental... kinda rainy, dull, wet.. y'know the normal English weather.. so much for summer eh? I didnt really do much or go any special, just out to town to get some presents... so this is what I threw on...

Top - Topshop
"Jeans" - H&M
Cardigan - Zara
Boots - Clothes show live
Bag - Topshop
Peace sign bracelet - Claire's accessories (yes, I went in there)
Wings bracelet - Topshop

Ok... not a GREAT or stylish outfit but it was practical and warm for a rainy day like today :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

All about me... :)

Ok, so .... this is (a really rather bad photo of) me...

...and here's everything you need to know about me...
I'm currently snuggled up nice and warm in bed away from the rain, struggling to keep my eyes open but must . post . something . before . I . fall . asleep .

My names Mary, spelt Marie for some reason well that leads me onto my next point, I'm chinese but was born in England, my parents are both chinese and when I was born, my mum wasn't great at spelling as you can see. Another funny thing about me is that my last name, could you ever have guessed is 'Lam'... yes, go ahead, sing the nursery rhyme we all know.... "Mary had a little lamb" la la la... :)

hmmm what else is there to know about me?... oh! I play the guitar, piano, and the good ol' ukulele :D and I love taking shit loads of photos of anything and everything...
I lalalove fashion, as gay as it may sound, but I like nice clothes, yeah....hmmm..yeah...

It's currently 2:07 AM... which means I really should get some sleep...