Saturday, 8 October 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic ... OOTD numero 9

Oh god... I need to stop buying things...
I think I have a serious problem...
I'm not buying expensive things... BUT IT ADDS UP if you know what I mean...
So this is, believe it or not, my weekly 'haul' if you like.. these have all been purchased in the past few days...
I... went to London, I'll be making a post about that tomorrow or something,
also went to leeds university open day today I LOVE IT! god.. definitely applying there FIRST CHOICE 
but I thought I'd show you what I bought ...

Loving the guys face on the left picture... he wasn't as amused with the air vent as I was by the looks of it... proper Marilyn Monroe style going on here...
Laced top - H&M £12.99
Camel coloured skirt  - Primark £10
Tights - Primark £3
Wedges shoe boots - Ebay £18.99

Black and white floral top and floral skirt - Both rockit vintage(covent garden, london) £18 & £6

Two tone dress- £22.99 or something?


Nail varnish of the day... Barry m 167 - £2.99

That is all, however, I shall shortly be visiting topshop tomorrow as it is their last day of 20% off for students...
I'm going to bed and switching off my alarm..... ahh.... absolute bliss...



  1. I'm too a shopaholic :D
    You bought nice things

  2. I'm a shopaholic too! :D My blogs really made me notice I am :P

    Love everything you got.
    Lucy x

  3. I have such a shopping problem too!! I must get like 3 packages a week come through my door!! Your gorgeous! X

  4. I looove your first outfit & those shoes!x

  5. YAY NEW THINGS! SO I love that first skirt TO DEATH! everything you got is far cute, I am loving it! xxAnisa

  6. Very nice outfit! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!

  7. I know exactly what you mean when you buy lots but at inexpensive prices but it adds up still haha
    Love the tights so much
    I have wedges exactly like this that are Roberto Vianni !

    - Sydney xo

  8. i love the tights, the heart detail is so lovely :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie