Tuesday, 22 November 2011


So, lately I've been a bit down about numerous things...
stress, self consciousness, illness and everything... the whole lot!
I dont know why I'm getting myself down in the dumps because its affecting me, my behaviour and my health... silly old me...
BUT.... the only person keeping me sane right now is my boyfriend...
He's the only person I can really talk to about anything... so here's my post dedicated to him..
It's so nice to have someone to talk to...
Everyone should have at least one person (if not, speak to agony aunt marie, I'm all ears)
I've been through so much with chris and he means so much to me...
ANDD this weekend is our one year anniversary and i've made him THE CHEESIEST video which I will be uploading shortly :D :D

Here are a few CHEEEEESE photos I absolutely adore of us....


  1. These are the cutest photos ever!!

    - Sydney xo

  2. aww that is so so cute!
    i feel the same about my boy, he's like a best friend and a boy friend wrapped into one :)
    hope you feel better soon sweetie!
    fashionmeasmile.com X

  3. Thank you so much for the tip about icing cupcakes!

    You and your boyfriend look so cute together :)

    I also did the same thing as you (making a very cheesy video) but I did that for V-Day and stuck it on a disk for for my boyfriend. Hmm.. I have an urge to search my laptop for a copy now just to embarrass myself!

    I'm sure your boyfriend will love what you have done :)

    Jazz xo

  4. Aw this is lovely and sorry to hear your having a tough time of it,but at least you have your wonderful boyfriend to keep you going.
    Yeah me too with the ear cuff thing,mine was to big,so tried bending it in a bit,so now it sits on my ear fine,but knocks of easily,but I love it anyways :D

  5. Those photos are lovely :) You look so cute together xx

  6. such cute photos! i came home today to find a bunch of flowers had been delivered from my boyfriend, aren't they just the best :)) xx